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I was actually inspired to knock out "So Portland" by the fact that I already had the title in my head, but never really put it all together to get it out there to the people.

I have always been very proud of where I came from, and I always like to put it out there that quality hip-hop comes out of Portland. We have never been looked at as a hot bed for urban music, but I feel like we hold it down in grand fashion and we are putting out some very high quality music.

I wanted to give the people a recent recap of some of my work, as well as new and exclusive tracks that hadn't been out there yet for release.

On this project was able to release material that we did with E-40, BG of The Hot Boys, Luni Coleone, Jake One, Bosko, Maniac Lok, Kenny Mack, Pricy, Toni Hill, J. Townsend, and Chris Ray.

This project is an example of where I have come from to where I am going. One of my favorite tracks on this album is "Young Mix A Lot", as it pays tribute to a NW legend, who we had the privilege of working with. Another standout track is "Blacktop" which features Pricy. The feeling of this song just puts me in a good place, and is going to be released on my upcoming album "Incredible". Another song that really means alot to me is "Jesus Juice", as I am a very spiritual person, and I was just putting a spin on the Michael Jackson term for wine, but really just saying come take a sip of what makes me create great music. I had a lot of blessings over the years, and gotta pay my respects.

Another fine point about "So Portland" is that it is entirely clean and kid friendly, so you can play it in any environment.

Jesus Juice featuring Toni Hill
Produced by Jeffery Simmons Jr. for Lost Koast Productions

So Drunk featuring Kenny Mack and Maniac Lok
Produced by HI-Q

Persevere featuring Chris Ray
Produced by Terminill for Flatline Productions

Love Iz featuring Bosko
Produced by Terminill for Flatline Productions

Young Mix A Lot
Produced by HI-Q

Blacktop featurting Pricy
Produced by Terminill for Flatline Productions

Rude Boys(Bosko Remix) featuring BG and Maniac Lok
Produced by Bosko for The Goodlife Movement

The Beezy
Produced by Mario Bolden for Bombay Entertainment

Streets Callin featuring Maniac Lok and Arjay
Produced by HI-Q

They Don't Have To Know featuring E-40, Bosko, and DD Artis
Produced by Bosko for The Goodlife Movement

Every Single Day featuring Luni Coleone and Von OP
Produced by Kuddie Mack

Come Get It featuring Luni Coleone and J. Townsend
Produced by Kuddie Mack

Black Music featuring Bosko
Produced by Jake-One

Download So Portland VTech Album Here


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