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Just released today is an all new, full-length compilation presented by Portland blog FRSH SLCTS and DJ party Ante Up, entitled This Is PRTLND 1.5
The album features 24 tracks from Portland, OR artists - including everyone from Illmaculate (The Green Tape) to Cool Nutz (NW Break Out Show) to Lifesavas (Quannum) to Bosko (Big Boi's "Shutterbugg") to Grillade (Ragen Fykes' new group, featured on Big KRIT's Krit Wuz Here live EP) to devonwho (remix for DaM-Funk/Stones Throw, release on All City Records) to TxE (Willamette Week's Best New Bands 2011) & everything in between.
We even have some extra special out-of-town guests, including Freeway, Mayer Hawthorne and !llmind, all collaborating w/ PRTLND artists.

This is just a glimpse of what the City of Portland has to offer. Make sure that you take advantage of this FREE download, as well as the latest single from Al. One featuring Freeway and DJ Wicked.

1. Stewart Villain – Pac Man’s Demise
2. TxE – The Intro (prod. TROX)
3. iLLA – AIRplane (DaveNotti Remix)
4. Al-One feat. Freeway & DJ Wicked – Can’t Stop (prod. Chase Moore)
5. Vinnie DeWayne – St. John’s Bridge (prod. PaperChase)
6. Hi-Res – Waffle Fries
7. Tope feat. Cool Nutz & Illmaculate – Yours
8. Mat Randol feat. Jon Belz – Cloudy (prod. Kid-A)
9. DaveNotti – Fire Mountain (instrumental)
10. N.VS x Calvin Valentine feat. BE.Water & Sam Trump – Who Run It (prod. G_Force)
11. Illmaculate feat. OnlyOne & J-Rome – Last Warning (prod. Illmind)
12. Al-One feat. KP & Bosko – May Be The One (prod. TROX)
13. M64 x Grillade – In The Pocket (Remix)
14. AM: Neja (Theory Hazit & Othello) – 1,000 Paper Cranes (prod. Mayer Hawthorne)
15. Hi-Res – Default Grooves (Wireframe)
16. Braille – Up (prod. Xperiment)
17. DaiN – DaiNtendo
18. Young X feat. Epp – Take Note (prod. Stewart Villain)
19. Theory Hazit – We Are The Ones (devonwho Remix)
20. Living Proof – Independent (prod. Tope)
21. Luck-One – Listen To The Rain (prod. Tony Ozier)
22. Lawz Spoken x Epp – Send Me An Angel
23. Lifesavas – And The Soul Goes On (prod. Rev Shines)
24. Natasha Kmeto – A Way To Love Me (devonwho Remix)


DOWNLOAD Al-One "Can't Stop" featuring Freeway & Produced by Chase Moore


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