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Producer Bosko takes his own experience and financial nightmare to inspire the heartfelt "Occupy Until Wall Street Crumbles"... Read the story behind the song below and you will see where his inspiration comes from.

The Occupy Walls Street movement is personal for multi-talented, Grammy Award Winning Platinum producer, rapper, singer and songwriter Bosko, and you can hear it in his new song "Occupy Until...".

When Bosko used his lifesavings and a bank loan to build his family dream home, he never dreamed the bank would go out of business. Nonetheless, in the middle of construction, the federal government seized IndyMac Bank for illegal business practices, stopping Bosko's loan and preventing him from building his family home. To make matters worse, another bank acquired Bosko's loan from IndyMac and threatened to foreclose. Pushed up against the wall, Bosko decided to fight back. Representing himself with no law degree, the USC graduate was able to sue the Banks, and through a grueling two-year federal court battle, stop the foreclosure, and force a favorable settlement.

Now, on the heels of his recent success as a writer and performer on J. Cole's #1 Album and worldwide hit "Workout", Bosko felt it was time to add his voice to the Occupy Wall Street Movement with his new song "Occupy Until..."


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