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This sure validation that Jay Z has soared to heights fans and admirers didn't even think was possible. This is an amazing display of the power of hip-hop.

In this short documentary, JAY Z's Life+Times takes an unprecedented behind the scenes look at the creation of JAY Z's Barclays Center opening concerts.
Track list:
0:01 - Where I'm From 4:08 - Dead Presidents II 7:11 - 99 Problems 7:52 -- Murda, Murda 9:08 -- On to the Next One 9:41 -- Clique 11:35 -- 3 Kings 13:31 -- Run This Town 15:08 -- Where I'm From 16:55 - U Don't Know 20:20 -- Empire State of Mind 22:35 -- Encore
A JAY Z's Life + Times/IconicTV/Scheme Engine Production
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