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When setting out to create one of the first classic albums from/for your city,
there’s bound to be some disagreements.
Nearly a year in the making at this point,
I could fill pages with how many changes this album has gone through.
Originally meant to be a FRSH SLCTS re-release & re-mix of their self-released EP
matched w/ half new/previously unreleased tracks recorded around the same time -
the group has since taken the project over themselves
& decided to mix some of their newest songs in w/ some of their first
for a more 360 degree of exactly who the Portland trio, TxE is.

Now included is a little bit of every style the group has incorporated to date -
from the region-defining back to basics boom bap of “Get It Back”
& the new official Trailblazers anthem, “The Basics”
to the talkbox-funk of “Around The World”
& gritty, trap-influenced trunk rattle of the Stewart Villain-produced “Laying Low,”
to the more downtempo introspection of “Sleepwalking”
& the live trumpet-assisted “End Of The Beginning” w/ Sam Trump -
TxE are definitely raising the bar for style & diversity
in a city that all too often can be stuck in the past
trying to recreate the sound of the early 2000′s underground acts,
or trying to perpetually catch up to whats “hot” at the moment w/o making it their own.

Mixed & Mastered by the group’s honorary 4th member, DJ FlipFlop
& artwork handled by Calvin Valentine himself,
We Get It In True is a true TxE effort through and through -
& the sound they’ve cultivated throughout it is nothing else if not their own.

As to whether or not WGIIT is the PRTLND classic the city had all hoped for -
only time will tell.

You can stream the whole LP before downloading below.
Be on the lookout for much more from the crew coming soon -
including WGIIT music videos, solo albums & side projecets from all three members & more.

1. The First One
2. Get It Back
3. Nothing New
4. Around The World
5. Higher (feat. Phil The Agony & Illmaculate)
6. Varsity
7. Ruben Patterson (feat. Young X)
8. All Of The Above (feat. Illmaculate)
9. Laying Low
10. Sleepwalking (feat. Caitlin Cardier)
11. So Alive
12. The Basics (feat. Illmaculate)
13. End Of The Beginning


All Raps by TOPE and Epp unless otherwise noted
Produced, Arranged & All Instruments by G_Force (AKA Calvin Valentine)
except “Laying Low” produced by Stewart Villain
& trumpet on “End Of The Beginning” by Sam Trump

Mixed, Mastered & Scratches by DJ FlipFlop
except scratches on “Varsity” & “All Of The Above” by Celsius
Front Cover by Calvin Valentine & Craig Sprecher
Back Cover by Grant “Verbz” Stolle


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