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In a page out of Hip-Hop Weekly comes an unexpected rap battle between 2 of the cities hardest working musicians. A few bars from the "PDX Pass The Mic" verse of Luck One got this whole thing allegedly started, as he stated "leave you crippled like DJ Chill".. Once heard by DJ Chill, Chill fired back with his response that has warranted a yet to be released response from Luck One. We will be posting the response from Luck One, as soon as it hits the streets.

Good rap competition can be good for the city and scene overall, just as long as it stays on wax.

Post your thoughts on the battle between DJ Chill aka Chillest Illest and Luck One..

This is where it allegedly started... "PDX Pass The Mic"

And this was the next step from DJ Chill aka Chillest Illest...


Anonymous said...

so i know both these niggas. straight up rappers gon beef. thats where real mc'n started. someone always thinks they're better than someone else at their craft. nothings wrong with it. let them get they ones on the beats and leave it at that. the music will speak for itself!!!

and incase somebody doesnt like this comment i go by STEVO of the TRIPLE SB....write a song about it lol. BANG BANG BANG

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